"Your energy over the last 5 days has been EVERYTHING and I thank you whole heartedly" - Abigail Horne

"Fu*k YASSSSS 👊🏻🤙🏻⚡️💥 Love it Alex Thank you 🙏🏻❌"  - Paula J Connor 

Quantum Business & Manifestation 
5 DAYS, 5 EXCLUSIVE TRAININGS on the BIGGEST things that'll help you to QUANTUM SHIFT in income, impact & freedom!!!
  • Learn the hacks to become a BADASS MANIFESTOR, while RAMPING up things in 2020 and creating abundance with FUN & FLOW.
  • These 5 days are real, authentic, raw and a F!@# ton of VALUE & include tools to implement that will help to transform your business and income.
  • ​I’m getting super vulnerable, we’re going super deep and I’m sharing things I’ve never shared publicly before!
"Your energy over the last 5 days has been EVERYTHING and I thank you whole heartedly" - Abigail Horne

"Fu*k YASSSSS 👊🏻🤙🏻⚡️💥 Love it Alex Thank you 🙏🏻❌"  - Paula J Connor 

My intention is to give epic leaders who feel called, EPIC VALUE and TOOLS that they can implement and then share with their tribe, so we can truly accelerate a world where LOVE speaks louder than FEAR!

Viral ascension baby!

If you feel called to join me for 5 HIGH VIBE days of fun and implementation to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL with FLOW & FUN...
Some of the epic thing's we'll be covering include:
Potent Mind Hacks
I'm sharing a powerful manifestation subconscious mind hack that has a tangible tool to go with it.
Financial Abundance 
Open up our receiving channels so you can actually RECEIVE what you're asking for and not unconsciously block it.
Powerful Writing Exercise
EVERYONE raves about this one simple letter I ask you to write. So.Much.Power!!!
Unlock Your Codes
We all have codes but sometimes they become blocked and need re-activating. So let's get you ACTIVATED!!
Hey Legend!
I have gone from someone who hated their life.. To someone who is IN LOVE with their life. I’ve become an international speaker, a published author, run SOLD OUT workshops, put 100’s of people through my online program, travelled the world for work & play, ran EPIC Bali retreats and attracted the love of my life! 

People always ask me, HOW? HOW DID I DO THIS? I use the tools, and I use them daily to vibrate as high as I can. To attract magic. To magnetise my dreams to me. Yep. That’s right – I magnetise my dreams. I magnetically attract the right people, situations, circumstances & events into my life and TAKE ALIGNED ACTION when I feel my internal guidance system say ‘YES’.

With this Quantum Business & Manifestation 
[5-DAY INTENSIVE], I'll take you through the best techniques which will change your current reality in just 21 days. I!

Big love, 
Alex Tripod
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